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8 out of 10 New Businesses Fail

#1 Reason: Poor Planning

  • Stop "winging it" and start jotting down a simple plan.
  • No complex predictions or math.
  • All you need is a simple guide to show you how.

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As seen in:

I spent a few hours following Rob’s business plan template to create a brief project plan. It really crystallized my thinking and forced me to articulate everything that has been spinning in my head for more than a year. I shared it with a colleague and it totally worked. Rob really knows his stuff.

Marsha Stopa,

Blogging Coach & Instructor,

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Never Too Late to Start Up

A How-To Guide for Mid-Life Entrepreneurs

Just a few features of my upcoming book:

  • How to start a new business when you have a mortgage and kids to put through college
  • The first startup book for mid-life entrepreneurs to address your unique challenges and the valuable skills & experiences you offer young companies
  • Dozens of interviews from successful mid-life founders, VCs, lawyers and many others

Rob has a uniquely broad range of operating and investing experience, which made him a highly sought after mentor at the Start Tank accelerator. What’s more, he brings a high degree of integrity and empathy to the table, and I found him to be one of most knowledgeable and trustworthy advocates for early stage founders.

David Chang,

Angel Investor & Entrepreneur, COO Paypal Media Network (former)
Rob Kornblum

About Rob Kornblum

Rob helps entrepreneurs and startup founders achieve their dreams. He is a 25-year startup veteran, serial entrepreneur and former venture capitalist.  Read the full story here...