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I work with entrepreneurs and founding teams to help them determine their best ideas, launch their businesses, on marketing and positioning, and on fundraising and pitching. I have developed specific coaching programs in those areas which will accelerate your progress in getting your business up, running, and successful.

Great reasons to Contact Me:

  • You’re looking for a coach
  • You think I would make a good board member or advisor for you startup
  • You want to offer me a speaking opportunity
  • You want to interview me about my book, my blog, or my experiences
  • You have a question about starting a company that you think I can answer by email

Use the form below, it will send me an email. I’ll try hard to get back to you.
Try to remember that I have a day job and I’m building this blog and coaching as a side gig, like a lot of you.

Please do not ask to “pick my brain” for 30 minutes about your startup idea. I’m not trying to offend, but generally speaking, those are not a good use of my time or the entrepreneur’s time.

If you don’t like something I wrote, feel free to disagree by leaving a comment on the post. Or mention me on Twitter.

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